Falling is rather pleasant.

Your arms float carelessly beside you.

Above you, a patch of sky is growing more distant by the second.

You blink a few times adjusting to the dim light.

You are falling down a rabbit hole.

Release info

This is the January 2018 beta version of Falling, written in Inform 7.

If you would like to help me get this version released, you can request to join the Judith Pintar Beta Testing Facebook page. Thank you!

The main activity of this game is playing poker with the White Rabbit as you are both falling down a well. Although it is traditional in Interactive Fiction to EXAMINE objects before you TAKE them, in this game you won’t have time.

The game of poker you are playing bears some resemblance to an actual game of poker, with similar hand rankings, but there are significant differences. The White Rabbit’s card deck has four suits, but only five cards per suit: Tens, Knaves, Queens, Kings, and Aces. You can only hold five cards at a time; however unlike poker, you can take a sixth card before deciding which card you want to drop. Although this might feel like cheating, or gin rummy, you will need the flexibility. Besides attempting to end the game with the strongest possible hand, if you are a completionist you will want to try achieve all 50 possible unique hands or, at least, more unique hands than the White Rabbit manages to get by the end of the game.